Thursday, February 18, 2010

Flyin' Hawaiian

Yes, although I was rooting for the Yankees in the last World Series (Blame it on the stupid ESPN version that the doltish Skycable Baguio got which only shows baseball games featuring the Yankees), I am also secretly rooting for Shane Victorino of the Phillies. Yes, this star centerfielder is big in Hawaii. Wailuku, his hometown, is also the hometown of Kent Suzuki. And of course he is half-Filipino and half-Portuguese. It's all part of Hawaii history. Pinoys are the sacadas and the Portuguese are the horse-riding supervisors of the pineapple and cofee plantations. Shane was a varsity track and field star in Hawaii which helped him become  of the fastest base runners today and the nicknames, Flyin' Hawaiian (Benny got the Hawaiian Punch) and Pineapple Express. And one of the richest Hawaiianos. He got a 3-year extension in the Phillies which pays him $5M this year, $7.5M in 2011 and $9.5M in 2012. And he likes Hollywood. This is his Grammy pose.

But then, the other prediction

PECOTA or the Baseball Prospectus have Boston Red Sox being the best in the AL and the Phillies in the NL. The Yankees, which is Number One in Yahoo!, will make to the playoffs via wild card. White Sox, Tigers and Brewers are tied for the AL Central top post while Texas Rangers will beat Seattle in the West. In the NL, it's the Cardinals in the Central NL and Rockies in the West.The Braves will be the wild card entry.


For a brief moment, there were two Filipinos pitching for the Giants. Other than Lincecum, there was Geno Espineli, said to be the first full-blooded Filipino to play in the MLB even if he played for only 15 games (two wins and 0 loss). What distinguished him, however, was the stirrups he used, that kind of old-style socks you see rarely on TV now. Geno is a Texan but both parents are Pinoy. He also joined the US Olympic Baseball Team

The Yahoo Sports Prediction

This is how Yahoo MLB sees it this season: from the last (Kansas) to the first (NY)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Star Wars


It pains me to see this whenever I look for a baseball picture. As painful as this:

Eugene Pucay

Nonette, my friend, is asking anyone out there if they know about the contributions to softball of Lakay Eugene Pucay, who is included in the Baguio Builders Book precisely for his contribution to the development of softball in this part of the country.

Le Freak

Tim Lincecum is now in the limelight for bagging a $23 million, two-year contract with the post-Barry Bonds San Francsico Giants.The 2-time Cy Young Awardee is giving the headaches for the Seattle Ms because they passed up on him when they had the chance. The Freak, as they like to call him there, was even raised in Washington state and pitched for the Liberty Senior High School in Renton and later for the University of Washington. He was even a Mariner in 2005. The Harwich Mariners, that is, for the Cape Cod Baseball League. Right in the neighborhood, man. And the raison of this blog? Lincecum is a Fil-Am. His mother is Pinay and right now, he is the 2nd richest Pinoy athlete after Manny Pacquiao.