Thursday, February 18, 2010

Flyin' Hawaiian

Yes, although I was rooting for the Yankees in the last World Series (Blame it on the stupid ESPN version that the doltish Skycable Baguio got which only shows baseball games featuring the Yankees), I am also secretly rooting for Shane Victorino of the Phillies. Yes, this star centerfielder is big in Hawaii. Wailuku, his hometown, is also the hometown of Kent Suzuki. And of course he is half-Filipino and half-Portuguese. It's all part of Hawaii history. Pinoys are the sacadas and the Portuguese are the horse-riding supervisors of the pineapple and cofee plantations. Shane was a varsity track and field star in Hawaii which helped him become  of the fastest base runners today and the nicknames, Flyin' Hawaiian (Benny got the Hawaiian Punch) and Pineapple Express. And one of the richest Hawaiianos. He got a 3-year extension in the Phillies which pays him $5M this year, $7.5M in 2011 and $9.5M in 2012. And he likes Hollywood. This is his Grammy pose.

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